Everything you experience around you is a by product of what you are creating inside you.  

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Our clients experience immediate and meaningful change. A personal or professional life-changing shift can happen in one session. Deeper work requires more time. Click below to schedule your free 30-minute discovery session.

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Individual coaching sessions utilize customized strategies to support the shifts needed in mindset and practices. Unlike therapy, individual coaching is practical and solution centered. Current and future clients may use the link below to schedule a 60 minute coaching session.

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Life doesn't always happen on schedule. If you are in need of immediate support — we offer 24/7 coaching calls. Coaching requests for immediate support are answered within the hour and scheduled to be responsive. 

To schedule an immediate support session click phone link below.

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One month coaching packages offer an affordable program to work on personal or professional strategies to enact the change you are seeking. To purchase a monthly package, click the link below.

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Living a Life of Impact and Meaning

This workshop is for those who are wanting to ignite purpose and passion in every aspect of their lives.  Creating a life that gives you meaningful work and authentic relationships is within your reach. This workshop will share the four practical steps you can use on a daily basis to create the life that you want and deserve.

  • Live online web class via Zoom
  • Host the workshop in your home!
  • Available once a month — check the calendar!
  • Download info flyer here
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Empathic. Engaged. Empowered.

This women’s retreat (hosted virtually) offers all women the distinctive tools of the Listen program that integrates strategies specifically for women.  Using research and wisdom on a woman’s way of knowing, this retreat will provide the participant with a plan to use empathy, engagement, and personal insight to become empowered in any area of life.  
This retreat is offered to a limited number of women on a monthly basis.  If you are interested click the link below for more information or to join the waiting list.

Women's Retreat Inquiry

Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.”

Maya Angelou


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