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Dr. Donna Kiel

Personal and Professional Coach

A Message from Donna

“I’ve got you” - three simple words that changed my life forever.  As I sat at my principal  desk, the fear and anger consumed me.  How had I gone from a highly  successful principal and teacher to a “doing-machine.” 

As I sat wondering how I could face the most recent crisis, a colleague stopped in my door and said, “I’ve got you.”  His compassion and his empathy brought me to tears.  Those three words also launched my own journey of finally listening to my heart, my inner wisdom and my passion for research. 

The journey led me to deeply learn how to help others who also may have lost their way.  Along the way, I discovered something that has always been true of me.   I can see in others the brilliance that perhaps they have not yet seen. 

My life work now is to help others live their best life by using the powerful model I have developed.  If you feel something in your life can be better, join me and let’s work together because, “I’ve got you.”

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Dr. Donna Kiel brings compassion, kindness, and a genuine excitement for supporting the growth of others to her work. Her expertise as a teacher, leader, and counselor combining with her extraordinary creativity to make her coaching and her programs ones that inspire others to lead lives of meaning and impact.

Education & Licenses

University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
Concordia University, River Forest, IL
m.a., Curriculum and Instruction
Concordia University, River Forest, IL
ed.d., educational leadership
Northcentral  University, Prescott, AZ
LIFE COACH training
Martha Beck Life Wayfinder Coach
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“Being a life coach is a bit like being a midwife… I simply coax out the joy and spirit that’s there inside you.”


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